Arise & Build

  • AGREE - Agree with the plan
  • ASK - Ask Him for the same thing we are asking for - Safety/Favor and Resources
  • ACT - Act as you are guided by the Lord (to participate, to prepare and to pray)


The Bridge Church has a passion to be more integrated, present, and proactively involved in the Bixby community. The Bridge Church seeks to accomplish greater impact on the Bixby community and their needs. What would it look like if the Church placed itself squarely in the middle of community life?

There are businesses that have a higher purpose to act in mission and ministry to fulfill the greater significance they feel called to reach. What would it look like if the Church worked with these businesses to create a development dedicated to impacting the community? Businesses are excellent at creating sustainable economic engines and jobs. The Church is great at developing community and people. Mission minded businesses and The Bridge would develop strategic partnerships designed to help each other be more successful.

The Village of Scereno

Development of 28.8 acres at 121st Street and Memorial in Bixby is dedicated to serve the surrounding community through a community / church partnership. Our vision is for this to be a regional open-air mixed-use residential, retail and commercial destination village.

Strategic Alignment - In addition to The Bridge Church, the development will contain successful ministry and community minded retailers, restaurants, service / health / financial / legal providers. Each business operates completely independent but with a shared purpose and guiding principles to impact the community.

Third Places – An integral part of The Village of Scereno will include areas designed to encourage and inspire opportunities that build relationships and community. It will include a café, coffee house, playrooms, and youth activities, outside lawn / concert / event spaces, as well as public access to indoor and outdoor conversational areas.

Meeting Community Needs

The Village of Scereno will address common needs of the community, such as childcare, kid’s and youth activities, after school mentoring, farmer’s market, and the arts. However, more broadly we hope to partner with non-profit and for-profit organizations who together can help those who are economically, developmentally and/or physically challenged, so they may receive ‘hand-ups’ for medical and dental services; legal, financial, counseling; benevolence; job training and volunteer / community service opportunities.

Community Assistance

In addition to running truly profitable business, the retailers, restaurants and providers in The Village of Scereno will share available resources and opportunities to assist those in the community needing food, clothing, healthcare, financial / legal / career counseling; not as handouts, but with a commitment to help people who are ready to learn and accept personal responsibility to first care for themselves and their families.

A possible layout of The Village of Scereno is shown below. The focus of activity and interest at the lifestyle center happens on the interior of the square. The actual mix of and location of retail, restaurant, office, entertainment and big box will be determined as studies are completed.

Choose Bixby

Why do we say that the City of Bixby is the natural choice for business? As one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing cities, Bixby is a dynamic community with an affluent and well-educated population base. We invite you to explore this web site to dig deeper into the demographics, business climate, success stories and opportunities in Bixby. Discover what has convinced entrepreneurs, existing businesses looking for the best place to expand or grow and retail site selectors that Bixby IS the natural choice for business. The main sections in this site will allow you to quickly find, and email to yourself or someone else, the information you need in your evaluation process. If you need information that isn’t on the site, please contact us and let us know. We’ll work to provide what you need.

Find out more at and

What Can You Do?

Join together with us to imagine the future:

If you're a potential investor, developer or tenant - Contact us for more information.

If you're a potential strategic business, service or ministry partner - Call and let's get to know each other.

If you're a neighbor in the Bixby area - Call or email if you have specific concerns or questions. Join the neighbor town-hall meetings (coming soon) to find out more.

If you're attending The Bridge - Pray, Give, Be Excited in Faith.

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Arise & Build

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